Don’t settle for paper or plastic. You and your guests deserve the best!

 WE DO THE DISHES ~ NO RINSING REQUIRED- simply scrape off the food and return used dinnerware to provided packaging and we’ll whisk them away.

Renting our classic Tuxton dinnerware adds elegance to any occasion!  It is easy, affordable and eco-friendly.

Tuxton Dinnerware in Bright White
10.5” Dinner Plate .40
7.5” Appetizer/Salad Plate .40
5.5” Bread Plate .40
10 oz. Soup/Pasta bowl .40
7.5” Glass Salad/Dessert Plate .40

14 oz. Water Goblet .30
11 oz. Wine Glass .30
Glass Coffee Mug .30
Champagne Flute .30
Pilsner Mug .30
Beer Pint .30

Regency Flatware

Dinner Fork .30
Salad Fork .30
Dinner Knife .30
Teaspoon .30


DSC 0006
DSC 0010
DSC 0143
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DSC 0372
DSC 0257
DSC 0262
Regency Flatware
16oz Mixer/Pint Glass
9oz "Rocks" Tumbler
Sample Place Setting Tuxton Plates and Bowls
Coffee Mug
16oz Pilsner Glass
Water Goblet, Champagne Flute, Wine Glass
Champagne Flute