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Table cloths are available - see list below- Please ask

Please email bumfieldspartyrentals@gmail.com or call for information 509-470-6200

Linen Napkins $1.00 each- white and colors available -ask for color swatch photo

85" x 85" Square $12.00
for  5' round table
(*Ask about color availability)

52” x 114” Rectangle $12.00
for 6' and 8' banquet table
(*Ask about color availability)

Floor length table cloths available in other colors - please ask 

90" x 132" Rectangle Floor length $18.00
for 6' banquet tables
(white, black, navy, ivory)

90" x 156" Rectangle Floor length $18.00
for 8' banquet tables
(white, black and ivory)

108' and 120" Round Floor length $18.00
for 4' and 5' round tables
(white, lt. grey and other colors)

Bistro Spandex table cover $9.00
for bistro/cocktail table
(white, black, navy blue)

*A variety of colors including: colors do change without notice please ask- we can email color swatches

Black, Gray, Green, Purple, Burgundy, Bright yellow), Brown, Red, Navy, Pink,  Royal Blue, Ivory